Week 1 Reflections – This is not the NaNo I signed up for

This year I decided to be a bit ambitious and firstly, focus on just one novel in stead of two, and secondly, I increased my goal to 70K thinking I’d have no problems whatsoever. Well, I’m currently in a very, very tight spot. Not because I didn’t plan enough, but because the point of view in my novel switches like a Faulkner novel, which is giving me a bit of a headache, and my nano muse is not happy either. Although it’s her fault that I even added a third person. It wasn’t even supposed to be a third limited pov.  But I don’t want to provoke her anger because she gets incredibly uncooperative when that happens.
In all honesty, I feel like I’ve stumbled into week three by mistake or something. This time last year I was almost half way to 50K, and I’m trying real hard not to feel discouraged by all of this. I keep telling myself that it’s good for my Tendinitis to pace myself, that this will all blow over once my plot picks up. Then school kicks in and before I know it, I’m behind in my word count, and I try to tell myself, “school is more important than NaNo,” and I get frustrated all over again. I want to win. And then I get time to work on my novel and I’m having a hard time finding the motivation to write… again.
I try to put a positive spin on it; you have something that’s beginning to resemble a plot; you have something giving you an indication that you have a genre afterall. But somehow, it’s not enough. I know I’ve done this twice and succeeded twice. Both times I attempted two novels, and I’ve succeeded, at least once. I know I’ve done 80K collectively first year. And some how this all seems to dampen things and I keep telling myself, I can do this.
And then I go back to where I started; You have school, you have a casebook presentation due next week, you have an interview session tomorrow in Grand Rapids; you’ll be busy being a dorky Hetalia fangirl on the 22nd; you have writing projects due all month for various classes so why the hell would you want to add another writing activity that’s completely optional to your already full schedule; where do you have time to write a 70K novel without killing your wrists? I get frustrated all over again because I feel like even though I gained an extra hour for Daylight savings, I got robbed somehow by school.
And I suppose, in the end that that’s why I joined the [info]NANOLJERS team again this year. Because I figured It’d give me something to write for.  I suppose it’s too early to tell.  Maybe Friday night will give my word count the boost it needs.
Today’s goal: 11,665 or bust

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