Week 2 Reflections – Part 1 – Learning to Laugh it off

So last week I got a bit of a case of the NaNo blues.  Things are getting better.  My word count is improving, I’m still behind, but I’m finally beginning to accept that this is okay.  As long as I’m doing as much as I know my body can handle, I’m fine. I’m also happy when I’m using NaNo as a stress relief valve.  Yesterday I managed to kick out a little over 3,000 words and I began to feel like for once, I was actually capable of doing the crazy amounts of writing I could do last year.  I feel like not only is the 70K doable, but I can do more than that if my characters wanted to take the plot that far.   All I need to do is take a break from all the studying and belt out a few thousand words.
And then I remember that this year my region is doing awesomely amazing things.  We have online write-ins (we have more write-ins than you could shake a stick at)  we’re currently #88 in the word count scoreboard, we have daily prompts when we get in a tight spot –  this year, for whatever reason has just been amazing.  I could not have envisioned doing any of this as an ML if I had eventhought to volunteer.
My word process of choice, Q10 has helped motivate me to write because I set a high goal and it’s just fun watching the number shrink.

By today, I should be at 25,663 or more.  I’m hoping to get ahead again.

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