Week 2 Reflections – Part 2 – Catch up

I’m hoping everyone is starting to emerge from the dreaded week two. I’m not as behind as I was this weekend, I’m about 2K away from being where I need to be for the week, and my FMC is no longer all “YAY! there are spirits here that want to play… I think,” and “OMG Vampires!” She’s finally moving in and I’ve found out that she’s kind of a disturbing little girl – she can think like a criminal or a vampire that doesn’t want to be traced. Now, I didn’t know about this before I got started writing this. In fact, I discovered this last night during a word war… I think. It might have been between word wars but the point is, she’s a little frightening. Not exactly at Edward Cullen, and certainly not at Belarus levels of creepy, but she could be getting close.
The good news is, by Sunday, you should be over the hump, and it’s all clear sailing from there. And if you don’t have a plot, it’s no big deal. And the best part is *also* that instead of agonizing over your plot being incohesive, look on the bright side – the plot has at least showed up. How that happens isn’t the same for everyone. For me, I had to kick out my vampire because he was too broody for me to stomach and he just needed a change in scenery. Which complicates my plot a little bit less, but now I have to find some other way to raise the stakes. And I’m totally fine with that. I also still have some diary entries I need to work on, which will help with my word count, and it will also get the plot back on track.
I’ve heard write or die is amazing for people who need word count boosts. I haven’t tried it myself, honestly. But at some point this year, I probably will, and I will probably go incredibly easy on myself just so that I can get the feel of it.
Other good methods are flashbacks and dreams, as the video on the nano site suggests. My word count benefited so much last year from dreams… but then again, it also benefited from the fact that my MC was a writer. Actually add that to the list. Stories within stories, flashbacks and dreams are amazing word boosters… and you get to learn about your character more. It’s a win win situation for everyone!

Good Luck and happy Noveling!

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