Ignore the crap Part 2

Note: This is largely a rant inspired by this gem I found through Twitter and the multiplying Twilight hate threads in the NaNo Forums.

It may just be the popularity of the Twilight Saga, but over the past two years, I’ve seen mostly hate threads bemoaning what utter crap the books are.  Many of these people are people also writing Vampire stories for NaNo, and they’re always complaining about how Twilight has ruined the market for Vampire Novels, and because with the book market almost saturated with Vampire books, largely for tweens, why would a publisher even want to consider their novel, even if it is better than Twilight.  I haven’t seen many people who frequent these threads finish their novels.

I have never understood the benefit certain people find in complaining about ‘trash novels’ that get published when their novels will clearly be better, even though these novels never get finished.  And I don’t know what it is about the Twilight Saga that’s doing this, but there’s something going on.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the Twilight books myself.  BUT!  If you’re so pissed off by what you’re seeing and you’re going to go on a crusade to improve the literary market, write your own damn novel.  Stephenie Meyer isn’t standing next to you, holding a gun to your head, laughing sadistically and saying, “Bwah ha ha! Now you’ll never be able to ever write a vampire story EVER!”

I don’t think SMeyer sat down and thought, “I’m going to write the next Great American Novel,” even if she really does believe, in retrospect, that she has written the most amazing books in the history of American Literature.

And in the broader scope, if there’s an author that you think has ‘ruined’ or bastardized literature, whether it be Stephenie Meyer, JK Rowling, Christopher Paolini or JRR Tolkien, write your own damn novel.  These people are not stopping you from telling your story, even from the grave.  No one is stopping you from telling your stories.

As a matter of fact, if you’re so annoyed by all the literary dreck out there, use that as motivation to make your stories the best they can be.  It’s far too unproductive to just sit back and complain about the quality control in the the publishing industry.  The way people obsess over trashy novels just boggles me.

4 thoughts on “Ignore the crap Part 2

  1. I have to agree. Most stories that are written usually have the same concept but at the same time are totally different. Just look at romance novels or science fiction. They all usually have concept but are each different. I agree that people do have to stop complaining about other authors who have made it successfully. If you believe that your work is better then put it out there and let the book sales speak for itself.


  2. I have so much I would love to comment about Stephenie Meyer, however, I will keep it short and sweet. When I originally read the books, I really like them as a light read. Owning three out of four in hardcover, I can’t really keep up an act of hating them. Yet, I have become very irritated by how much publicity her novels have received. I think that there are amazing writers out there in this day and age; but they are going unnoticed. Perhaps instead of focusing on a series that is unfortunately, unoriginal and not very well written, the film industry should pick up a novel that is worth turning into a movie.

    I feel saddened for other authors who have spent years working and watch one person get an enormous amount of credit that they may or may not deserve.


    • I kind of wonder if American writing isn’t going through some sort of fast food phase that we’ll eventually grow out of. I mean, I understand people are looking to escape and have a light, mindless read, but even that kind of reading has it’s limitations. I keep it around as a kind of negative reinforcement for my writing. Instead of using it as, ‘this is what I want to emulate’ I use it as, ‘this is not what I’m going for at all’.
      I agree it’s over hyped. I didn’t even know Twilight existed until I heard about it the may before the final book came out. It’s mediocre at best, and the plot has a whole bunch of potential. It just needed to be in better, experienced hands.
      At best, it’s a fad that will eventually die out, and we’ll see, with time, if it really has jump started a greater interest in reading, or if there are just a bunch of people who are just reading these four books like they’re bread and butter.
      And who knows? Maybe after Twilight has run it’s course, we’ll see other authors emerge of better writing.


  3. Ahh, The Twilight saga! I bought the first book in the series because I thought, “Wow. This book is getting crazy publicity. Maybe it’s not as bad as Stephen King said it was. Maybe this lady isn’t such a bad writer.” After forcing myself to finish the book because I read over half of it waiting for the story to get better (I’d had enough of an obsessive, unhealthy teenage couple longing to be with each other, and obsessively possessing each other once they hooked up), I had to admit that King was right–the book was poorly written.

    However, I don’t think people, other writers rather, should sit around and boo-hoo because such a poorly written novel (I can only judge the one I read!) was published and receiving so much attention. No matter how good, or bad, someone’s work is, in a field such as writing, it all boils down to luck. There are many artists of all types who will never have a large audience view their work.


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