Knee deep in Vampires

I should not have been linked to this catchy song.  I don’t even know how I got linked to the thread on the NaNo forums, but let me tell you, this is my noveling experience in a song.  I wish I had been linked to it sooner because I could have used it for all those times I was in a really intense battle with my vampires.

The song describes vampires as any person, thought or feeling that gets in the way of you and and you’re creative self-expression.

It’s easy to give into the vampires in our lives, whether they be our inner editors, our friends,family members, or even our teachers, everyone has their vampires, and the question is: How do you defeat the vampires and let your art come to life?  I’ll be completely honest, I had my fair share of vampire battles this past month, and I didn’t win them all.  I didn’t reach my 70K goal, but at the same time, I realize, I’ve done far more to push and challenge my own writing in this past month than in the past two years I’ve done this.  That is an experience I never regret.

This next month and however long beyond that it takes, I’ll be writing and expanding my novel.  And I’m excited about it.  I can go back to all those things that my vampires have constantly burdened me with and I can stake them once and for all, proving that I am up to the task of writing this story.

I realized as I was approaching 59K I realized that even if I was to reach 70K, there was a small chance that I was going to be able to wrap it up, and that’s a good situation to be in.  I ended at 58,964 words for this m0nth, and I’m really excited that I got that far on one novel.  In the past, I’ve only gotten one novel to just a little over 50K, so this is a huge victory in itself.

Obviously school got in the way, and my muse is very temperamental.  She wasn’t appreciative of being stretched out over three essays and a novel challenge, and she didn’t like the thought of belting out 11,000 words on the last day when I still had a research Paper on the Elements of Tragedy in Shakespeare due the next week.  I need her for that rewrite, largely because I want to be a bit creative a bit with the paper in writing a guide to writing tragedy, so I gave her Monday off.  I know of a friend who had to give up because family issues sprung up.  Life happens, and there’s not much that can help that.

What counts is the writing experience.  By all counts, I had the most fantastic experience this year, and I would not trade it for anything else.  I’ve met new people, shared in their triumphs and just had a good time.  Reaching 50,000 words is just a small part of the NaNo experience.  As far as I’m concerned, regardless of the fact that I didn’t reach my goal, I’ve won, and everyone who has attempted, and for whatever reason or another failed, is a winner.

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