Let me Introduce you to the Plot Bunny Fairy.

It’s September!  That wonderful month when school is back in session and it’s time to get back to the regular grind! It’s also two months before NaNo!

Have you started thinking about what your story is going to be about?

Hopefully you have!  However, just in case you haven’t and are looking for some ideas full of plotty goodness fear not!  The answer is simple: Look around you!

Today we’re going to talk about how to tempt the magical Plot Bunny Fairy into blessing you want a fantastic story idea. Sometimes the blessing comes swiftly, earnestly and effortlessly, other times you have to tease the Plot Bunny Fairy. She’s a little fickle like that. For those of us who aren’t magically blessed with ideas from the Plot Bunny Fairy it’s quite easy to find ideas in the most mundane of places.  For instance:

Your Job: What if your place of employment was involved in some seriously illegal business that has seriously evil ends that could bring apocalypse, but no one but the higher ups know?  What if your entire job were a cover up for something more sinister? Write about how the evil plot is unfurled in an exciting action packed story!

For the Student in distress: Find something you’re learning about (or have learned about).  This is how I got my (incredibly ambitious) yet exhilarating idea for this year’s novel (I have never been able to get excited about Plato’s Republic until I got this idea). Sometimes the right cure for something that’s boring is making it exciting. It’s even more exciting if it’s in your major or minor (if you have one). It’s also exciting to do this because sometimes.

The Fanatic: Look at your long list of fics!  Look at your long list of fandoms and Pairings! The possibilities are endless! The time for that Song of Ice and Fire/Harry Potter crack!fic crossover is NOW!

If all else fails, carry around a notebook and a pen to places you frequent and when you’re out on walks.  The Plot Bunny Fairy has a funny way of blessing people unawares.

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