New Year’s Resolutions

It’s a new year with new possibilities and certainly new opportunities to make writing a bigger priority. I keep telling myself every year “this year is the year I start writing daily.” Well, that resolution is my version of “this year I’m going to get more healthy/lose weight.” If it happens, it only seems to stick for a few weeks before floundering and ultimately failing. Otherwise, it’s not going to happen again until November rolls around and then it’s the same old promises.

However, with the advent of me no longer the excuses of college classes, there are new opportunities to improve and to do more than I initially believed possible. That’s right! Today I stand here and say “I will make a more serious effort to write more this year and write often.”

You see, being a writer requires some degree of accountability to be more of a writer today than I was yesterday, to edit like I’ve never edited before, and to seek publication where I may have not have published before. If you don’t push yourself, you’ll never improve and you many not even discover what works and what doesn’t work.

So go on, give it a shot.  What are you going to do to push yourself this year?

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