A Brief Explanation

So I’ve been severely lacking in the blogging category this month, and I have a few reasons for this.

  1. I try to experiment every Nano to push myself. At the time, it seemed like a great idea that this nano was to experiment with point of view. Although I probably should have realized that with this story being a crossover fic, I probably shouldn’t have ventured out into new writing territory. Let me just say, I have a whole new appreciation for my favorite authors GRR Martin and Rick Riordan. As I’ve been doing this, I’ve discovered that keeping three distinct narrative voices is trickier than it looks. But that will have to wait until later.
  2. For awhile, I had a part time job that really only ever took up my weekends. It was a stressful job, but hey, it was some money in the bank and gave me some temporary financial independence from my parents as I continued my job search. I have learned that I can’t novel when I’m stressed. I open Scrivener and the only thought floating through my head is, “I don’t want to do this.” I”m not putting the job search here as an “excuse” because finding a job is a legitimate reason for not working on any kind of creative writing. Nano is a hobby, and it won’t pay off my student loans.
  3. I have been plain lazy, and I’ve had other blogs that I’ve had to keep fresh. It’s particularly stressful when one is a newsletter where the article writers haven’t been handing anything in for the past two months and you only update once a month.
  4. I’m trying to write my book when I’m not in my writing zone, which is to say, I’m writing outside of my comfort zone, and it is producing nothing. Writing in the morning and afternoon mean I spend most of the day with my internet browser procrastinating on Tumblr because I have too many fandom opinions.
The good thing about this is that, like every NaNo, I start to learn more about myself, my style and my process. I will try to post more about that later, but it looks like I need to write another thousand words! Adios, and I will definitely be posting more sooner.

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