Camp NaNo update

For the first time it looks like I’ll actually be on track to finish on time, which feels a bit strange. On the one hand, I’ve enjoyed this new thrill of being painfully behind in my word count and spending several long nights working on catching up.
On the other hand, it’s a relief. I’ve never been behind in my word count before, so doing 3K or more every night gets a bit exhausting. Last NaNo I not only enjoyed the benefits of crossing the finish line early, but I also enjoyed the thrill of writing more than 50K for a novel (I ended closer to 55K). I’ve never done that before for a nano, so it was exciting.
I’m beginning to learn that a 50K Fan Fic isn’t something I can just belt out in one month. I obsess over the details too much: Am I capturing the character’s voice correctly? Am I portraying them correctly, is this response reasonable for this character in this situation? THese questions constantly haunt me whenever I set out to write fan fic, and I decided this was the NaNo to figure out how many ways I could complicate the crossover between two fandoms before I lost the will to finish.
My longest Fan fic work before this was a joking news article about why the chicken crossed the road according to Lord of the Rings, complete with a conspiracy theory that the chickens “cluck” actually means something. That was only 842 words, and even then I struggled a bit to come up with humorous content for the article.
Ah, well, that’s the one thing I love about NaNo. I always learn something new about myself as a writer.

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