A change in the winds

I’ve been contemplating for some time if I really want to continue this blog, or if I want to start fresh with something else. It isn’t so much that I’m not passionate about this topic, I just feel like the sun is beginning to set on this topical blog. I had deleted this specific URL for a time, but I have mixed feelings about just up and deleting this blog after all the time I’ve invested in blogging strictly about creative writing, and I feel awkward continuing here if the topic were to morph into something else.
I had initially tried to fix what I had thought was the problem by backing up this blog, temporarily deleting it, and creating a new blog with a new identity. Only when I created the new URL, I realized that it didn’t make full sense to just continue business as usual given the URL.
I will keep you updated about where this blog is going and what this blog’s possible future is, but until then, I want to promise you, I will keep up this blog to the best of my ability.

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