Story Ideas

So I just noticed, much to my surprise and shock, that National Novel Writing Month is about two months away, and I have no plot. The feeling is a little strange, and a bit overwhelming. Normally I have a plot bunny that’s been itching for months.
Right now my writing itch is going in one of three directions:

  • Be a rebel and write 50K more from last year’s novel
  • Be a rebel and re-write my first year nano, which is an innsalvageableĀ piece of crap. No amount of editing can redeem the story as it is. I may have to experiment a bit more with form to find the suitable way to tell the story I want to tell with that character.
  • Expand on a writing prompt that I found a livejournal writing group. I don’t think I want to keep the stuff that I do have for it, so I could probably do that.
Most wrimos would proably look on this small list with envy, that I even have this many plot ideas fighting for my writerly attention. To me this is just a frustrating list of ideas, and not one of them is jumping out and grabbing me. I may have to mull over it while I’m working (I feel accomplished that I at least have part time work now.)

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