Tag your posts correctly.

There’s nothing worse than wading through tag spam.

Today I decided that, after a vain attempt at trying to make a writing blog work for me on Tumblr, I’m going to have to take a pass and make this my all-purpose writing blog.


The “writing” tag on Tumblr is a nightmare to navigate. You don’t see much about people talking about their writing lives there, or even offer writing tips. It’s mostly cluttered up with stories, fan fictions, badly written poetry that tries too hard to be soulful and profound. It’s a nightmare to navigate, and in spite of my efforts, my writing posts just got lost in a sea of people desperate for readers eyes.

The primary reason I had initially set up shop on Tumblr was this silly idea that I could have some awesome writing conversations with other writers. However, everyone is so desperately trying to get readership for their fiction that the #writing tag feels like a tag spam of creative writing and idea exchanging lost in a muddled mess of what the tag should be.

I understand what compels people to tag their fiction #writing on Tumblr. It’s a nice organizational tool for your blog so that you can browse through your blog at a later date, admiring (or being embarrassed by) everything you’ve written. However, if you’re blog is going to be a blog about writing, it seems a bit silly to tag every post as #writing, and it starts coming off as desperation for followers. I’d much rather see those people use #original fiction, #poetry, #poem, or even more genre specific tags; people do post on those tags.

Maybe it’s just me, but I only ever tag posts writing on my semi-personal (but mostly) fandom tumblr when the topic of the post, quote or internet meme is about the act of writing or some writing process. Maybe I’m just a tad bit too stingy about how I use my tags on that blog. It’s not like my Hufflebadger blog, or my Why We Love Percy Jackson blog, where I am actively seeking out specific, larger audiences that require me to use popular tags to reach that audience.

The #writing tips tag is quite pitiful on Tumblr; the #blogging tips tag is even more pathetic, being mostly spam posts. Sometimes I feel like maybe I should have stuck around to keep things looking a little more lively. But I also know that at some point you have to look at where your audience and make the best move for you to reach your targeted audiences.

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