Feedback on Fandom Blogs

I love running my fandom blogs. I rarely get any reader feedback, but when I do, I like to stop, read what they have to say, and try to write back to them. But sometimes I get feedback that starts out with a good thought “hey, you posted something that offended me,” or “hey I think this is a great idea” and then it immediately goes south because I imagine the person on the other end not knowing when to stop typing. I know this seems like a rude thing to say, but it gets bad sometimes.

Today it got particularly bad.

I had finally come to a breaking point about pro-lifers, because the ones I’m surrounded by tend to only care about life at conception. They stop caring after that, and I got to a point where my fingers started typing the words on the graphic and I didn’t stop typing them. Someone told me they were offended, even though the graphic wasn’t aimed at them specifically.

They didn’t stop at “I’m offended”.

They went into this long diatrab about how Hufflepuffs weren’t supposed to judge. Ever. This diatrab was ended with a conclusion that only Slytherins are supposed to be divisive. The ending annoyed me enough, and I disagreed with some of her conclusions enough, that I wrote back to apologize and explain where it came from. I explained, from my point of view, why I disagreed. I ended my disagreement by informing the reader that I didn’t appreciate the Slytherin hate in the end paragraph.

How do you deal with those moments where the feedback starts as being constructive and useful, but then it deteriorates into an off-topic rant that includes some divisive, and potentially offensive statements?

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