Always thinking of a career.

I feel like I’m coming to a crossroads where I’m uncertain if maybe I should try and find something in the customer service field, or if I should continue down my current path and continue to search for writing work.

I’m at a point where I’m going to force myself to make the rounds of the temp agencies again for office work again. Apparently I wasn’t very hire-able as a college student, and in hind-sight, I understand why. Things have changed since. I’m now strongly considering swallowing all of my disdain for the local temp agencies and try again, maybe at different agencies.

Now I’m working part-time, which means I’ll eventually have the means to improve my website package options and purchase a custom domain so that I don’t have .drupalgardens hanging out. A custom url looks a lot more professional than what I have right now.

The alternative is that I move my hosting elsewhere. I have a friend who works for Charter and has server space of his own that he’s not using. He offered it to me at one point, so I may eventually contact him about moving my professional site over there.

I also intend, at some point, to create buttons for my blog, rather than having them linked to in the main navigation of my portfolio site. There’s a lot of white space on the right hand side that is annoying the crap out of me. At that point, I will also include links to some of my Tumblr sites, rather than just linking to them with a little Tumblr logo or stuffing them away on my links page. Those links deserve to be seen. For now I’ll fill it with with my Twitter feed. I’m thinking tomorrow’s project is definitely going to be making blog buttons for my site.

Soon I have to decide if I’m going to keep this blog on Blogger or if I’m going to move it back to WordPress. Crossposting to Google+ has not given me the kind of traffic that I got on WordPress. Mostly, that was because on WordPress I had the ability to post to twitter, and that has been the large draw back to coming here. It’s started to become a frustration for me, and I’m beginning to think that if Blogger doesn’t intend to do this at any point in the near-ish future, I’m going back to WordPress. Or I may move back to Tumblr with the understanding that I may not get a lot of traffic from Tumblr users.

Right now I really have to focus on what I need to do now so that I can get the job that I want.  I can’t allow Speedway to be my career, I don’t want it to be my career.

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