So you’re probably what’s happened to me that caused me to fall off the face of the planet. The truth is, I’ve been focusing on picking up any extra hours I can get my hands on so that I can pay down my private loans (at the very least). Fortunately, over the next few weeks, I should be getting back into the habit of blogging semi-regularly so that I can start getting into the habit of writing daily again.

“What’s the occasion?” You ask.

What would be going on in writer’s land that would inspire Allyson to get writing again. Truth is, this year Camp NaNoWriMo is in session in April and July. For better or worse, I’ve signed up for the April session. Largely because I really want to finish Myth of the metals, but also because I’ve got a ridiculousness plot bunny that I want to test out in November, but I want to finish Myth of the Metals first before I start venturing out with that plot bunny.

OLL is doing a few things differently this year with Camp NaNo.

  • We have customizable goals! So if you want Camp NaNo to hold you accountable for writing 100K in thirty days, by golly, Camp NaNo will hold you to it. Only want to manage 30K or 10K? No problems! What ever your gal is, it will be considered every bit as acceptable as the traditional 50K goal for NaNoWriMo!
  • Additionally, since OLL has retired Script Frenzy, they’re now allowing scripts, and other NaNo rebels to join in the fun. So if you were looking forward to Script Frenzy this year, there’s a place for you at next month’s Camp event!
  • They’ve also introduced finer controls in the cabin selection process so that you can request a cabin that has people who have similar word count goals, or a cabin with a certain level of activity.

I’ll probably try my best to get ahead since I know for a fact that I’m going to be spending 3 days in the middle of nowhere, northern Michigan with no internet connection. Is anyone else going to take the plunge this April?

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