Oh, the Excuses We Make!

Lately I haven’t been writing, and my excuse now is that my writing has been very strongly linked to my mood. This past month hasn’t been so great at work, I’ve arrived at the lowest point I’ve ever been at in my minimum wage job and I’ve pretty much decided I should leave if I’m so miserable there. Obviously that was the perfect reason for a plot bunny to come visiting three nights ago. Lately, I’ve discovered that I have a reason for everything, a way to deflect responsibility away from myself, and that includes my writing life.

You can imagine how exhilarating it was being up till midnight writing away in an empty notebook (actually, it’s supposed to be a sketchbook with hobbit artwork on the cover, but writing on unruled paper has some degree of freedom I occasionally enjoy). I’m really excited though, because the story I’m working on now is in a fantasy universe I created back when I was in Eighth grade. I’ve tried to find the right story for that universe for years, so that’s another reason why I’m excited about this story. It’s also presenting new opportunities for me as a creative writer, and I’m hoping that my writing improves as a result.

What’s the point of all this?

Sometimes as writers, we like making excuses for why we don’t write. We have full-time jobs (okay, it’s only kind of legitimate, since most of us have yet to figure out how to turn our writing into a livelihood), we have places to go, people to see, movies to watch, Blogs that demand our attention. I’m not saying all excuses are bad. We need to put food on the table, pay the bills. Other times, it’s purely our own laziness.

In keeping with this, I will endeavor to post more on this blog, and write more, while I search for employment elsewhere. And everyone here can hold me to this because it’s not good enough for me to simply say “I’m a writer” without following through with the actual act of writing.

One thought on “Oh, the Excuses We Make!

  1. I’m always facing this. I’m constantly making excuses not to write even though I’ve already written one book and loved the experience. I think it’s just something writers must deal with for some reason or another. I’m asked what I do while I’m not working and I usually say, “I write…sometimes.” At least I’m honest, right? I definitely don’t always consider myself a writer, but mostly I do.


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