Review: Disney Hyperion’s Demigods of Olympus app


For those of you wondering why I fell off the face off the planet, it wasn’t just my job, although that had a good deal to do with it. I’ve also been catching up on my long list of books to read (still slogging through Storm of Swords), a constantly growing list these days. On that to-read list involved an app Disney Hyperion released called Demigods of Olympus, which includes a fun pick your own adventure style story set in Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and Kane Chronicles Universe where the gods of myth are real.

Getting started took awhile. I was a little surprised to find that this app has a name generator for it’s interactive story, because this isn’t exactly a situation where a user might not use proper discretion for something that’s for grownups and children. I was a little confused why there were only one or two female names for the five name options you were given for your character. Once or twice I stumbled upon gender neutral names, but overall, the app assumes you mostly want to play a male character. I had to refresh the name generator five times to stumble across the one I selected in the screenshot above. The first chapter is free to get access to, but I’m not entirely certain Disney is being reasonable in the $3 you have to pay just to get to the next chapter (yeah, they only have 2 chapters available now), when I can purchase one of Riordan’s novels for just $1 or $2 more.

The app also boasts a store where you can purchase all of Rick Riordan’s novels, companion books and crossover short stories. If you haven’t bought any of Riordan’s books in e-book format, that could be a plus, because the app then stores your e-book purchases in the library section of the app, along with the chapters you purchase the interactive story part of the app. For me, this wasn’t as much of a perk or selling point because I’ve been building my e-book collection through Google Play’s ebookstore, and might not be a huge selling point for people who already have his books through kindle or nook. This particular feature is a little late in the game for fans who already have all the ebooks, but may be great for readers being exposed to Riordan’s world for the first time and want to purchase more of his works, or for people who are looking to start an e-book collection on their new e-reader or tablet.

Overall, I’d give it a 4/5 for the app. Fun, but not worth racing to the app store, and the baffling pricing for just one chapter.

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