Ebook Review: Demigods of Olympus


You’re probably wondering if this is in any way related to the app I reviewed over a year ago, yes. Yes, it is still a pick-your-own-adventure type story. It is the exact same story, with a few minor differences, and I’m not entirely sure that they are good differences. Let me explain.

My understanding is that this was written for people who don’t have the app. Although, for something that was written for people who don’t have the app, it’s a little confusing why Rick Riordan hasn’t released the final chapter, “My Personal Zombie Apocalypse” for the app, when he had the whole story released for ebook form. Now granted, it would be another $2.99 through the app and I, probably against my better judgement, shelled out $6.99 for the ebook (although it wasn’t the $8.99 that Google Play is going to regularly charge). However, with the ebook released, it would be prudent for app users to have the satisfaction of finishing the journey that they started over a year ago. That being said, if you have the app, skip the book. It’s not worth shelling out the extra money. Is waiting going to be a pain in the ass? Yes. But you’re better off shelling out the $2.99 for the last chapter rather than shelling out an additional $6.99, or whatever your ebook retailer of choice charges.

Another difference is that you don’t really get to make as many choices in the ebook version. The app  allows about five choices per chapter, but the ebook gives you about two choices and then a link that says “do the thing” (whatever that thing happens to be, like for example there’s one where you have no other choice other than to put on the ring you pick up in the third chapter don’t do it Frodo). Much of the freedom of choice is constrained by the fact that Riordan creates the protagonist for you, unsurprisingly a male protagonist by the name of Zane Carver (I really wish he  would have created a female protagonist, but that’s just my personal preference).  Right away one of the obvious changes from the app version is that Zane apparently doesn’t select a favorite god/godess in the narrative, not that it ends up mattering, but you never get to make that decision for Zane, as opposed to the app, where your character is pretty much an avatar for yourself.

Now, if you’re wondering if the ebook is offered through the app, the answer is no. It’s the exact same story and there’s no point in selling an ebook of the same story you’re selling in installments, and so that makes sense.

Overall, if you don’t have the app, you might enjoy the ebook, but I will throw out the caution that for the limited about of choices you get, it probably won’t feel like it’s worth the money. It’s not a must read, and it’s underwhelming. So If you have the app, take a pass on this one. It’s not worth the extra money. Save it for the last chapter.

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