NaNoWriMo Day 1 – Out of the gate and into the race

This year I’ve been pushing for a personal best in word count. Last year, thanks to a fun spirited regional word war between my region and Naperville, I achieved a personal best of 63K. And since I’m all about pushing myself to do more and do better, well, this year I’m pushing for 70K.

So far I have already committed enough typos in our regional chat room that it’s clear this is going to be a fun ride. The brain and the fingers, for whatever reason, are not working in concert today.  Which isn’t so bad when you work at a convenience store on third shift and the only thing you have to write is dates on date stickers. It’s another thing when you’re trying to write a novel and make a blog entry and trying to clearly communicate in a chat room.

On the novel front things are moving along slowly, but I generally try to let things start off slow so my characters and story can get settled in before taking off for a wild ride.

2,750 words and climbing!

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