NaNoWriMo Day 7 – It’s #DoubleUpDay for #NaNoWriMo participants!

For those who might have missed the twitter blitz, or missed the big announcement on the NaNo site, it’s Double Up Day, where your donation to NaNo goes twice as far, and hopefully your word count as well.

Today I managed to get my 6K catch up word count (finally), which is essentially doubling up on my word count because being sick sucks. It helped that today I was running a write in. Have I mentioned I love running a write-in? Because I love running write-ins. I love pushing people towards that 50K line, I love being the cheerleader, not to mention my write-in has all the giant nerds, and I get the most done at my write-in. It’s both an insane amount of fun, and an equal part of insane accountability to get writing done, especially when you have tasty custard and cheese curds before you.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another long work week, so I’d better get started on my sleep so that I’m well rested for work.

End of day word count: 21,004 words.

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