NaNoWriMo Day 8 – Ticking off one more milestone.

Just now I managed to cross the 25K, but it didn’t come without half an hour of kicking myself in the pants for writing myself into a corner. Yep, that’s right, I wrote myself into a corner, and this story is only getting started. I had do something though, so I’m kicking my MC out of the town he’s currently in so he can go home because he’s seriously¬†useless where he is.

That’s not to say the other characters were being useful in any way to my MC – in fact, they were useless in their own right, and I don’t even know how these guys are going to end up being heroes in the end because they don’t want to even think about the big war looming on the horizon. They were being quite horrible about allowing my MC to lock himself up in his room, except for meals. That and they just like to stand around and talk a lot.

Looks like a few characters might be getting a small fire lit if they don’t get their acts together soon. And as for my MC, let’s just hope that my goddess doesn’t follow through on her matchmaking threats.

End of the day word count: 25,005 words.

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