NaNoWriMo day 10 – things are getting super awkward in novel land

Today I managed to get some writing in. I’m feeling better, but the back pressure is making me nuts, and i’m sleepy to boot. But in WriMo land words are words and today I squeezed 3K out of myself and onto my computer screen, and that’s awesome all things considered.

Yesterday as I was staring blankly at my computer screen I realized I’d skipped over chapter one in my Scrivener file. Well, not so much skipped over it as, I started with chapter one, got over zealous with copying the default chapter with a scene document in it and accidentally copied all of the text in said scene with it. So what was chapter two became chapter one and I just deleted the text document in chapter one, and it was getting lonely, so I created a new scene document and introduced another character because this story isn’t complicated enough as it is.  This time I introduced the female character my goddess is scheming to hook up my MC with, which is super awkward and creepy because she’ll have just turned 25 and he’s, realistically 55, but immortally 25. I’m hoping that my goddess picks someone else because that’s not cool.

I’m still a day behind, but I know I’ll have the weekend to write, plus my region will be having it’s huge six hour halfway write-in on Sunday. I’ll have plenty of time to not only catch up on the wekend, and maybe even get ahead on my word count.

End of day word count: 28,013 words

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