NaNoWriMo Day 14 – Sleep induced rambling for the win!

Sometimes I look at my life choices and ask why I thought a thing was a good idea. Such as taking a 3am shift that went until 10 am and then taking an hour and a half nap, hosting a write-in for two hours, and then napping for three more hours before going out to get all the food stuffs necessary for my regions half-way party. And in the midst of this I still managed to bust out enough sleep induced drivel that I managed to climb up to 40K.

I’m telling y’all now, sometimes it ain’t worth it.

Should I have said no to the overtime, probably, given I’m still sick and it’s nanowrimo season, but I’m a sucker for overtime the way I’m a slut for holiday pay. I’m pretty certain my main character is in a more severely sleep deprived state than I am, and that’s impressive, to an extent. I probably spent over 2,000 words of my main character constantly whining about how mind numbing tired he is. And I don’t blame him for the complaining, I would too if I had someone like me for a writer in this state of mind. Fortunately I can retool and rewrite all of this sleep induced drivel once editing season comes around.

End of Day Word count: 40,000 words

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