The burnout is real

It’s been awhile since I posted an update. It turns out between writing and making masks I have no time for blogging. Makes sense in the large scheme of things. I’m taking a break from making masks though because I’m burned out. And it probably is the exhaustion that comes with assembling 20 cloth masks. It probably has a lot to do with trying to maximize the amount of good I want to do and realizing the amount of good I am realistically capable of doing in my limited capacity.

So I’m trying to focus on just one thing as I go back to work tomorrow. Since I’ll only be working 4 days a week I figure I can spend 4 days dividing my time between writing and working, and then on the 5th day I’ll use it for finishing my current mask projects that just need the ties attached to them.

Depending on how my wrists are feeling at the end of the week, I might start a second batch, but if my wrist pain gets to be unmanageable, I’m not going to worry about the masks. It’s easier to stabilize my wrists as I’m writing and working. It gets a bit more complicated when sewing. It requires some repetitive wrist motion that starts wearing on my wrists. It’s the one down side to having tendeonitis, and in times like this I wish it wasn’t an issue, but self care is important.

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