Pandemic Update

So I didn’t win Camp Nano, even at my 40K threshold. Covid-19 took a really bad mental toll at my workplace, and many of my dear work friends got laid off, and people started freaking out about a potential second wave of lay offs (fortunately, this hasn’t happened).

My hours have been significantly slashed, so I’ve been doing a lot of mask sewing. I have enough inventory now to start a small face mask making business if I wanted to. I have been ordering fabric fiendishly because, well, everyone is making masks (No seriously, I’ve seen people bragging of making between 500 and 700 masks, and to those people, I salute your endurance).

I’ve been trying to scrounge up any fabric I’ve been able to from etsy,, Joann. Now that restrictions are loosening in Michigan, I’m probably going to go next week and buy some more fabric that I’ve been wanting to buy for months, I’ve just never had a reason to buy it, other than it’s pretty colors. So far I’ve managed to find a few yards of Frozen fabric, Avengers fabric a little bit here, and a little bit there as it pops up (for some funny reason everyone is buying up super hero fabric).I’ve got some plaids I’ve been raiding for fabrics. Today I’m washing green fabrics before they get cut and sewn into masks.

It’s exhausting. But I want to help. I want to do something that doesn’t involve me sitting on my ass feeling bad about my situation. So I sew on.

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