NaNoWriMo Day 14 – Sleep induced rambling for the win!

Sometimes I look at my life choices and ask why I thought a thing was a good idea. Such as taking a 3am shift that went until 10 am and then taking an hour and a half nap, hosting a write-in for two hours, and then napping for three more hours before going out to get all the food stuffs necessary for my regions half-way party. And in the midst of this I still managed to bust out enough sleep induced drivel that I managed to climb up to 40K.

I’m telling y’all now, sometimes it ain’t worth it.

Should I have said no to the overtime, probably, given I’m still sick and it’s nanowrimo season, but I’m a sucker for overtime the way I’m a slut for holiday pay. I’m pretty certain my main character is in a more severely sleep deprived state than I am, and that’s impressive, to an extent. I probably spent over 2,000 words of my main character constantly whining about how mind numbing tired he is. And I don’t blame him for the complaining, I would too if I had someone like me for a writer in this state of mind. Fortunately I can retool and rewrite all of this sleep induced drivel once editing season comes around.

End of Day Word count: 40,000 words

NaNoWriMo Day 13 – Friday the Thirteenth *cue dramatic music*

Friday the Thirteenth. Was it bad luck for your writing, or were you able to kick Friday the thirteen in the butt and get some awesome word counts in?
I got writing done today! In spite of how crappy I’ve been feeling, and how not well things have been going with feeling sick, I managed to get an excellent amount written today.
I also wrote yesterday, even if I didn’t write as much as I would have liked, but it was satisfying to write, in spite of feeling tired and sick and just generally feeling gross. The only reason I didn’t update here was because I was tired and I wanted to get a few winks in before I had to work on putting away the inventory order, and sorting it so my boss could help put it away.
Tonight has been one of my more productive writing sessions thanks in part to the Chat NaNo write in for my region. Since I don’t have to be to work until 3am, I’m going to try to squeeze in a few more words than I might normally get on a Friday night. Of course, I also have to be in for work at 3am on the same day I host a write-in at 1am. Figures. However, that is what happens when one of your coworkers decides to quit the day before her first scheduled shift for the work week, instead of giving anyone the courtesy of a two weeks notice before starting their new job. Suffice it to say I had incidentally created a character named after her, and that character is probably now going to end up dying a horrible, painful death.
I hope your word counts have been favorable and that you continue to churn out words whether they are the most beautiful sentences you have ever written, or they are a load of crap that will end up on the chopping block in December.
End of day word count: 37,021 words.

NaNoWriMo day 10 – things are getting super awkward in novel land

Today I managed to get some writing in. I’m feeling better, but the back pressure is making me nuts, and i’m sleepy to boot. But in WriMo land words are words and today I squeezed 3K out of myself and onto my computer screen, and that’s awesome all things considered.

Yesterday as I was staring blankly at my computer screen I realized I’d skipped over chapter one in my Scrivener file. Well, not so much skipped over it as, I started with chapter one, got over zealous with copying the default chapter with a scene document in it and accidentally copied all of the text in said scene with it. So what was chapter two became chapter one and I just deleted the text document in chapter one, and it was getting lonely, so I created a new scene document and introduced another character because this story isn’t complicated enough as it is.  This time I introduced the female character my goddess is scheming to hook up my MC with, which is super awkward and creepy because she’ll have just turned 25 and he’s, realistically 55, but immortally 25. I’m hoping that my goddess picks someone else because that’s not cool.

I’m still a day behind, but I know I’ll have the weekend to write, plus my region will be having it’s huge six hour halfway write-in on Sunday. I’ll have plenty of time to not only catch up on the wekend, and maybe even get ahead on my word count.

End of day word count: 28,013 words

NaNoWriMo Day 9 – When you’re behind and ready to give up.

I’m writing this now because someone somewhere is going to need this in the future.

So one of the lovely things about trying to novel when you’re sick is noveling when you’re medicated. Most days that isn’t a problem. Today? I had to take a mucinex pill when I got home from working third shift because my coughing was getting out of control and I’m now in some weird drugged stupor and I’ll be damned if I can focus enough to work on my novel today. I’m doing well enough to keep up with the chat room conversation today.

And this is the thing about NaNoWriMo: Life happens. You get sick, a loved one dies, your car breaks down. It doesn’t just magically put itself on hold because you got it into your head to write a novel in a month. So you get behind on your word count, you may drop out all together, but here’s the thing: all of that is okay. NaNoWriMo is about the journey. It’s about committing words to paper that you may not have written any other day of the year, and that takes a lot of commitment and courage.

If you’re thinking about quitting, I always say you have to do what’s best for you. No one is forcing you to keep going. If you’re behind, keep writing. Don’t worry about hitting 50K, that’s just an arbitrary number the OLL people picked so that they could define “winning” NaNoWriMo.

If you’re sick, your health is important. Write as your health allows. If you lost a loved one, it is more important that you take time to grieve your loved one than winning NaNoWriMo. If you struggle with mental health problems, it is more important to take care of yourself than to force yourself when you’re having bad mental health days. Taking care of yourself is way more important than making word count.

NaNoWriMo is all about the Journey.

NaNoWriMo Day 8 – Ticking off one more milestone.

Just now I managed to cross the 25K, but it didn’t come without half an hour of kicking myself in the pants for writing myself into a corner. Yep, that’s right, I wrote myself into a corner, and this story is only getting started. I had do something though, so I’m kicking my MC out of the town he’s currently in so he can go home because he’s seriously useless where he is.

That’s not to say the other characters were being useful in any way to my MC – in fact, they were useless in their own right, and I don’t even know how these guys are going to end up being heroes in the end because they don’t want to even think about the big war looming on the horizon. They were being quite horrible about allowing my MC to lock himself up in his room, except for meals. That and they just like to stand around and talk a lot.

Looks like a few characters might be getting a small fire lit if they don’t get their acts together soon. And as for my MC, let’s just hope that my goddess doesn’t follow through on her matchmaking threats.

End of the day word count: 25,005 words.

NaNoWriMo Day 7 – It’s #DoubleUpDay for #NaNoWriMo participants!

For those who might have missed the twitter blitz, or missed the big announcement on the NaNo site, it’s Double Up Day, where your donation to NaNo goes twice as far, and hopefully your word count as well.

Today I managed to get my 6K catch up word count (finally), which is essentially doubling up on my word count because being sick sucks. It helped that today I was running a write in. Have I mentioned I love running a write-in? Because I love running write-ins. I love pushing people towards that 50K line, I love being the cheerleader, not to mention my write-in has all the giant nerds, and I get the most done at my write-in. It’s both an insane amount of fun, and an equal part of insane accountability to get writing done, especially when you have tasty custard and cheese curds before you.

Tomorrow is the beginning of another long work week, so I’d better get started on my sleep so that I’m well rested for work.

End of day word count: 21,004 words.

NaNoWriMo Day 6 – A little unknown fact

I have this really weird quirk about my writing process that a lot of people don’t really know about, unless they’re in my NaNo region: I can’t write when my room is messy. Messy rooms stress me out. It’s a weird cyclical thing to be honest. Because most of the time when my room spirals out of control like that, it’s either because I’m really stressed, or I’m really sick.

This week the messy room was a consequence of the latter (and working thirds, but mostly just being sick). This wouldn’t normally be a a big deal, but I can’t write when my room is messy. When I’m writing and my room is a mess, all my brain zeroes in on is how filthy the place is and how much better off I’d be if the room was clean. It is the death of me during NaNoWriMo.

This only happens when I write. Under any other circumstances, I’d be able to let it slide for a month, month and a half before I forced myself to deal with it; but no, when I’m writing, nothing gets done until my room is a livable space again.

Depending on if and/or when my Dad wants to see the new Peanuts movie, I may pick up all the garbage on my floor today. I’ve done away with all the stray Kleenex’s and all my dirty laundry is someplace other than my dirty laundry bag that also needs to be washed, so that at least takes care of half the battle. If not, I don’t work tonight, so I can always work on that tomorrow morning before I leave for the write-in I’m hosting in town.

Messy rooms suck. Meh.

To cleaning and then kicking off from where I left off two days ago (because I spent yet another day being so miserable from being sick that I spent nearly the entire day in bed).